The complexity of the tax rules and the management of it, as well as all that related to the management of the human resources, makes a continued advice for the companies.

Our services, which also include the individuals, include all kinds of negotiations from the simplest steps up to the complete management before registries or notaries and public entities.

We offer to companies, professionals and individuals the possibility of benefiting from economic special conditions on having contracted our services in regime of quota, which includes an integral advice according to the chosen modality. The possibilities that we offer are:

  • tax Quota
  • labor Quota
  • juridical Quota
  • accounting Quota – book-keeper
  • fiscal Quota – labor – book-keeper
  • integral Quota (fiscal – labor – account – juridical)

Don´t hesitate to request a budget us across the consultation online free in this web.

Fiscal management

Advising, management and follow-up of the year. We plan and execute all the necessary procedures to improve the efficiency of the organizations.

Tax planning is essential to the smooth running of a company, because it provides the guidelines to be followed throughout the financial year.
At ARA ABOGADOS we review all tax obligations based on a fully-personallized programming and preparation of the financial year, including regular meetings with the client.

Also we know the tax obligations of non-residents in respect of their investments in Spain whether in real property or securities, but due to the ignorance of the tax legislation and language barriers, they are ill-equipped to defend their interests. At ARA ABOGADOS we simplify these obligations for you.

Account management

Full management of the account of the company. We analyze up to the last detail of every organization to obtain the maximum performance.

The optimum performance of a company is based on accounting, through which the necessary information on the economic and financial capacity of the firm is made avalaible.

This enable us to approach and resolve questions relating to debt-financing, investments, etc.

At ARA ABOGADOS we check and review all the accounting obligations and their adaptation to the general accounting plan.

Labour management

We advise and manage all related to the human resources, with the aim to obtain a sure and trustworthy job environment.

Labour questions are daily becoming more important and the continual changes in the law and modifications in Risk prevention are areas that require to be given the fullest consideration.

At ARA ABOGADOS we advice you on labour matters and propose the most suitable solutions, as well as informing you of the differents benefits available to your company.

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